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The Pyramick (2020)

The pyramick is an original seven-axis puzzle that I first designed and 3D printed at home in mid-2020. Probably my favorite design I've made-- currently something big in the works with this puzzle! VIDEO


The Twisted Flame (2020)

The Twisted Flame is another puzzle that I first designed and 3D printed in mid-2020, and the first puzzle I designed which included the application of a design skill learned in school. VIDEO


The Moldovian Pyramid (2020)

In 1982, after years of labor, Soviet toymaker Aleksandr Ordynets abandoned an almost-working prototype of his masterwork. In 2020, a bored teenager used modern technology to design and build this version in two days.


Matchblokke (2017-19)

A puzzle I've revisited several times over the years, the 'Matchblokke' is a deceptively complicated puzzle with a surprisingly simple mechanism. One of my first designs, but reflecting my most recent skills.


Helicoptrahedron (2018)

Another shape transformation of a 12-axis puzzle into a tetrahedral shape. Unlike the reuleauxminx (see below), the twelve axes correspond to the faces of a rhombic dodecahedron, instead of a pentagonal dodecahedron.


The Reuleauxminx (2017)

The mechanism of a Face-Turning Dodecahedron crammed into the exterior of a tetrahedron. Reuleauxminxes have been made before, but this is the first 3D printed one that I'm aware of.